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Is Coworking Right for You?

They’re redefining the way we work — giving the well-proven benefits of structure and collaboration a modern makeover. Coworking spaces offer the opportunity for workers to curate their ideal work setup; ultimately boosting productivity, focus, and social connection, all without sacrificing flexibility and autonomy.   

Here at Playground Coworks, we took a look at the most common questions and answers our visitors explored during their decision making process. 

Humans are social creatures. How much (or little) social interaction helps you thrive? 

There’s a good chance that initial bliss of autonomy eventually revealed some of the downfalls of working alone. It’s super common to start feeling a bit lonely working or studying from home, even if you’re digitally connected to clients or team members. 

The true beauty of coworking isn’t just the built-in potential for socialization and networking, it’s the ability to choose when and how you interact.

Our members report they joined because they:

+ Are more creative when they bounce ideas off of others

+ Enjoy having a friend to chat with on a break, grab lunch, or hit a happy hour

+ Need to get out of the house, don’t want to be alone, but still don’t really want to spend much time talking to others (yep, this is okay!)

+ Feed off the energy of those around them

+ Want to network to strengthen their business

+ Need a professional setting for meetings every now and then

Does structure increase or decrease your productivity?

A high five to those few who can roll out of bed when the mood strikes, open their laptop to work in front of their Netflix series, and still get it all done. 

But if you’re like most of us, some structure — and a bit of physical distance from our distractions — helps us focus. Some members even create (flexible) schedules for themselves to increase accountability.

What level of noise is helpful? What level isn’t? 

Coworking spaces provide a light level of sound and visual stimulation, all within the community driven goal of getting stuff done. And while it’s true coffee shops also provide some of the same benefits, that clanky espresso grinder, constant stream of customers, and spotty wi-fi can easily ruin the vibe. 

At Playground Coworks, you’ll find a true balance; some of us wear headphones as we jam out, a few soak in all the soft sounds, others seek a quiet corner, and many end up bouncing ideas off each other in the conference room at one point or another. 

When will you need access to your workspace? 

Many spaces offer traditional business hours for those who prefer a 9 to 5 workday. But if you need the flexibility to schedule around personal commitments, are a night owl or early bird by nature, find inspiration hitting you at odd hours, or just lose focus at home after your family returns, a coworking space with 24/7 access may be the flexible fit your work (and heart) desires.

What amenities will you need? 

Wi-fi is a given these days, but chances are you’ll need (and want) a bit more.  

+ Access to a copier, scanner, and/or fax?  

+ A conference room? 

+ A metaphorical water cooler area? 

+ Networking events? Office supplies? 

+ Proximity to a business district?

+ A space to hold client meetings?

+ A mailing address?

+ Endless coffee?  

+ Free parking?

There’s truly something out there for everyone, but keep in mind these perks will affect your monthly cost. Speaking of your wallet…

What’s your budget? 

Finding a space that fits your budget is key — coworking should be an investment in your satisfaction, not a drain on your finances. Most spots offer different pricing levels for a floating desk, a dedicated desk, or even a private office. With a little research, you can find a spot that combines the benefits, price, and community vibe that fit your style and budget.  

No matter what level you decide on, there’s still some good financial news: Your coworking fees are typically considered a deductible expense on your oh-so-dreaded self-employment taxes.

Feeling intrigued but don’t want to make a long commitment?

Chances are you won’t have to — now or in the future. The overwhelming majority of spaces offer month-to-month plans, and some even offer a short trial period or bulk discounts. 

Take a tour. Ask questions. And find the freedom to create your ideal work environment. 

At Playground Coworks, we’ve built an inclusive community of diverse and talented folks. Our space — centrally located in the Northside neighborhood — is just a few short steps from a mix of local restaurants, eclectic bars, and unique shops. 

Reach out & come see how we make working fun.